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K9 Memorial by Corporal Stephanie Muguerza
Updated On: Oct 12, 2011

2010 has been a trying year for the officers of APD so far. There has been a great deal of loss and sadness at the passing of several beloved officers. In their passing, they are most certainly being recognized and honored for their years of dedication and service to the Arlington Police Dept. We also honor officers each year at the annual award ceremony for their service and outstanding efforts and achievements that they have accomplished throughout the year.

However, I have noticed several officers have been overlooked. They are indeed the most dedicated and self-sacrificing of any officer you would meet. Those officers I refer to are our four legged partners, the K9’s of APD. Some people would like to think of them as just dogs but to us they are so much more. They are partners, fellow officers, protectors and friends. As the saying goes “When people need help they call the police, but when the police need help, they call on the K9 unit.&rdquo K9’s are sent where it is considered too dangerous for officers to go alone. They put their lives on the line each time they are sent into these dangerous situations and do so without hesitation. They bravely stare danger in the face and apprehend many suspects with just one bite. Trudging through thick brush and swamp-like terrain or battling an armed suspect is all in a nights work for them. Their keen senses have saved not just citizen’s lives, but the lives of other officers including their handlers. Ask any officer you know and they would choose to have a K9 by their side anytime. Besides risking their lives for us, they train on a weekly basis (more so than most of us do),and are always eager to go to work. Since staring the K9 unit in 1979 the unit has flourished into 3 K9 teams.

The current K9’s include, P.S.D Kazan (handler Wade Hardin), P.S.D. Oscar (handler Vince Ramsour). The third handler is Bobby Muguerza. His former dog, Vic, passed away in October, 2011. These are the second K9’s for each of the handlers. The other K9’s have long since retired and passed away. Sadly, there has never been any mention of these four-legged heroes in their years of service and dedication. There is no mention of their retirements and never any notification of their passing. Two of the current dogs are being retired and a search for two new K9’s is underway by the handlers in the unit.

I believe it is time to show the citizens of Arlington and the officers of APD how proud we are of these K9’s and to have these K9’s serve with us and give them the recognition they deserve. If we could hear what these K9’s thought of their job, handler, and life I believe it would best be summed up as this:

Trust in me my friend for I am
your comrade. I will protect you
with my last breath when all
others have left you and the
loneliness of the night closes
in, I will be at your side.

Together we will conquer all
obstacles, and search out
those who might wish harm to
others. All I ask of you is
compassion, the caring touch
of your hands. It is for you that I
will unselfishly give my life and
spend my nights unrested.
Although our days together
May be marked by the passing
of the seasons Know that each
day at your side is my reward.

My days are measured by the
coming and going of your
footsteps. I anticipate them at
every opening of the door. You
are the voice of caring when I
am ill, the voice of authority
when I've done wrong.

Do not chastise me unduly for
I am your right arm, the sword
at your side. I attempt to do
only what you bid of me. I seek
only to please you and remain
in your favor.

Together you and I shall
experience a bond only others
like us will understand. When
outsiders see us together their
envy will be measured by their

I will quietly listen to you And
pass no judgment, Nor will your
spoken words be repeated I will
remain ever silent, Ever vigilant,
ever loyal. And when our time
together is done And you move
on in the world remember me
with kind thoughts and tales,
For a time we were unbeatable,
nothing passed among us

If we should meet again on
another street I will gladly take
up your fight, I am a Police
Working Dog and together we
are guardians of the night

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